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Crystalline (necklace and screens)

Crystalline (necklace and screens)

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The Crystalline Necklace is an original design by Lizzie Esoteric Products. Handmade with wire, crystals and amethyst quartz. It can be used for personalized jewelry purposes or with the symbolic meaning of all the materials used in its creation, whether esoteric, spiritual or magical. Since the intention when purchasing the crystal necklace is placed by the client when obtaining our handmade jewelry.

Amethyst is a stone that transmits positive energy , is calming and helps in meditation. Amethyst is the most prominent spiritual gemstone in the world of gemology, it represents a great energetic force that is used especially on the spiritual level. This violet quartz is associated with the seventh chakra, known as the crown chakra, which allows the mind to open, knowledge to be acquired and mental barriers to be broken.

Amethyst is one of those purple quartz stones that is used for different purposes including physical and spiritual healing powers.

Although often called an amethyst stone or gemstone, a member of the quartz family, amethyst is a crystal. Crystals are pure substances that have been crystallized, while stones are raw and must be physically cut and polished to give them that crystalline appearance.

Here its properties:

  • Natural tranquilizer: Amethyst stone helps release stress and anxiety , in addition to blocking negative energies. As a result, this stone easily attracts positive energy. It also helps stabilize emotional irritability, including anger and fear.
  • Activate spiritual awakening: It is a good tool to clear the mind and have a spiritual awakening. In fact, it is usually preferred to start holistic rituals such as meditations and yoga sessions.
  • Improves sobriety: This stone helps to have a more sober mind in cases of excessive alcoholism or when going out with friends turns into a night of partying -. This is due to its calming effect, which helps to disperse the mind from any confusing thoughts and thus remain more alert to the surroundings.
  • Improves insomnia: It is one of the healing stones for insomnia par excellence. By having it on your nightstand, you can improve your routine a little to have a restful sleep . It is also very useful for having more lucid and pleasant dreams, which in the long term helps improve memory and concentration on a daily basis.
  • Improves hormone production: Amethyst has a very important role in the body's metabolism. It is a very useful stone for balancing the endocrine system, especially in the production of hormones. This way, you can avoid suffering from those hormonal imbalances that can sometimes be quite irritating.
  • Stimulates the immune system: Amethyst too helps eliminate toxins from the body , which improves the immune system . This stone reduces physical pain, including muscle tension. Additionally, due to its healing properties, it can also be used to enhance weight loss. It is also believed to be very effective in treating respiratory problems.
  • Protects from physical attacks: Amethyst is one of the most powerful protective stones. By wearing amethyst in crystal form or even raw amethyst, you receive protection from any type of attack, including physical. It is also used as a special amulet to ward off the dreaded “ evil eye ” or any spiritual attack.

Material: amethyst quartz, wire, crystals beads, metal beads

Includes: necklace and lampshades

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