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Single abalone shell with wooden pedestal

Single abalone shell with wooden pedestal

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      • Abalon shell and wooden pedestal
      • The abalone shell is the shell of the haliotis, a family of snails of up to 130 species that live in different oceans.
      • Abalone shells, found in archaeological sites around the world, from Blombos Cave in South Africa to California's Northern Channel Islands, have long been revered for their changing colors.
      • Description: 
    • In Native American cultures, the abalone shell is used as a bowl to burn sage. abalone shell It is perfect for burning incense and incense or as home decoration. This d dispels persistent energy, neutralizes spaces for meditation or yoga or tarot session, or dissipates bad vibrations in your home or office. The abalone shell has been a source of magic for thousands of years. It has a connection with the sea and all its qualities. The abalone shell is a source of mystery rocky and flat on the outside, bright and beautiful on the inside. This can help bring out the essence of a hidden feeling.
    • Spiritual Properties

  • The meaning of abalone is that of comfort, a connection to the ocean, the cycle of life, protection and ancient journeys.

    Due to its hard, ultra-protective exoskeletons created from soft-bodied invertebrates, the abalone shell symbolizes independence, solitude, and self-sufficiency .

  • Abalone shells have been used in rituals for centuries for their magical appearance. They are reminiscent of:

    • Ears
    • Rainbow
    • Water
    • Spirals
  • Approximate weight of the set: 9 ounces approximately
  • Approximate measurement: 5 to 6 inches abalone shell (NOTE size may vary)
  • Includes : 1 Abalone Shell and wooden pedestal
  • Additional information: Each shell is unique in color, shape and size, hand-picked.
  • NOTE Does not include incense burners, these are separate
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