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Pendants with amulets

Pendants with amulets

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1. Scarab: The Scarab was considered a sacred animal in Ancient Egypt, and the talismans that represented it were highly valued because they were considered good luck amulets. Offers divine protection against visible and invisible evil.

2. Egyptian: The pharaohs were considered almost divine beings during the first dynasties, and were identified with the god Horus, although from the V dynasty onwards they were only children of the god Ra. Normally they were not deified in life, it was upon their death that the pharaoh merged with the deity Osiris and acquired immortality and a divine category, being then venerated as another god in the temples. It symbolizes power and light for the world.

3. Indian: He is an Indian spiritual guide (spiritwalker) who derives his name from the belief that he is a person who walks with spirits to receive guidance and wisdom to use for the benefit of his people. He is responsible for caring for the physical and spiritual well-being of the tribe, and therefore occupies an important place of power within the community.

4. Dream catcher (amethyst quartz): Some people give it magical properties related to dreams, and use them as an amulet or protective talisman.

5. Elegua: Also named as Liguá, Liwaa, Leguá and others, he is the owner of the roads and destiny, he is the one who opens or closes the path of life, prosperity, happiness, luck or misfortune and can even determine the influences of other egguns; He is very mischievous and his name means "the messenger prince."

6. Cross with chain and medal in stainless steel: It represents Christ's victory over death and sin, since according to his beliefs and thanks to the cross , the incarnate God ("the anointed one") defeated death itself and rescued humanity from damnation. It is used as protection.

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