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Kwan Yin Decorative Pendant (Red)

Kwan Yin Decorative Pendant (Red)

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Description: Kwan Yin is the name given in China to the Logos or Creator God in his feminine aspect. She is the manifestation of the Mother or Cosmic Matrix and is known as the "Mother of Mercy" or "Goddess of Love." She is considered a Boddhisattva of the family of Amida Buddha. It is a Being of Light that makes up the Karmic Court (a group of Divine Beings who, out of Mercy and Compassion, offer their services to all of us who live on Earth), while being one of the most important Enlightened Ones. Her name means “She who hears and attends to the cries of the World.”

Mother Kwan-Yin offers to help those who ask her for Compassion and Mercy for themselves and their loved ones. One of its legions is that it is responsible for being the guardian presence of all homes and orphanages. She is also credited with the loving protection of single mothers and their illegitimate children, as well as future mothers, whether or not they are helped by the father of the child, taking refuge in her loving protection.

Affirmations of the Goddess: “I am compassionate with others, with my loved ones and with myself.” “I relieve my suffering by being compassionate with myself.” “I listen deeply and leave space for others and myself.” “I nourish my “I trust in the goodness of life.” “My Compassion is the key to my well-being.” “I am kind, soft and sweet with myself and with others.”

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