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Description: This type of charcoal tablets are used to burn incense in churches and homes. Myrrh has been used since ancient times for purification and sacred honor rituals. Burned and known in the Bible as incense, myrrh purifies the area, raises the vibrations of contemplation, meditation and creates peace. Magical properties are attributed to incense , beyond its powerful, persistent, exquisite and very expensive aroma. In esoteric environments it is stated that it can "transmute internal energy fields."

Different quantity options to choose from:

  • Coal alone or in quantities
  • Charcoal alone or in quantities with 1/2 oz of frankincense resin and myrrh

How to use: Carefully light the charcoal from one end, once it is starting to burn place it on a heat resistant surface or created for this purpose. Choose your favorite incense and place it on the burning charcoal. Enjoy the magic


  • Avoid handling once turned on
  • Place burning charcoal only on heat-resistant surfaces
  • Do not touch burning charcoal, avoid burns

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