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Calcite (necklace and lampshades)

Calcite (necklace and lampshades)

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Description: Lampshades and necklace, handmade. Only one available.

It is a spiritual stone that facilitates the opening of higher consciousness and psychic abilities. Psychologically, it connects emotions with intellect, creating emotional intelligence. Mentally it helps relax the mind, teaches discernment and analysis, stimulates perceptions and enhances memory.

In this way, the metaphysical point of view of this crystal is associated with the improvement and calmness of the mood, which is why it is believed that this stone favors positive energy that also provides power and vitality to the body, as a consequence it is considered a mineral that stabilizes energy.

In turn the Orange calcite , when making a decision, manages to balance the mind of an individual, in this way allowing more focused thinking and removing any aspect that destabilizes the situation.

In the esoteric world, this stone is capable of alleviating the ills reflected in the lower-middle part of the body, where the digestive, reproductive and bladder systems are located. Applying it to the second chakra, it manages to boost sexuality, feelings and eroticism.

For people who carry this stone, their emotions will always be stabilized, happy and serene. By placing it in the solar plexus, you will also be able to balance the ying and yang, thus eliminating disturbing and negative thoughts. For some children who are very hyperactive, this stone is ideal when falling asleep, also helping to eliminate night fears in them.

Finally, this rock is considered a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional stone, which is capable of empowering people in all senses.

Material: crystal seeds, quartz, unpolished orange calcite stone, wire

Includes: 1 necklace and 1 set of lampshades

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