Stainless steel chain with witch knot pendant and blue goldstone

Stainless steel chain with witch knot pendant and blue goldstone

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✅The witch knot chain with blue gold stone is an amulet whose purpose is to preserve something, protect from any damage or evil or has a function of attracting some type of energy. It is a stainless steel chain just like its pendant.

✅A witch's knot represents the "magic knot" practiced by witches in the Middle Ages. For example, a protective witch's knot like this was often scratched over doors to keep negative energy away.

✅It is made of two powerful intertwined symbols: the circle, which is universal, and the four-pointed knot, which is Gaelic and can be drawn in one continuous motion without lifting the pen from the paper. The circle is an ancient symbol used to represent an almost infinite number of concepts: the sun, the earth, the moon, the planets, God, eternity, perfection, wholeness, continuity of life, heaven, protection and the universe.

✅A witch's knot is a protective amulet that is made up of two powerful intertwined symbols. The first of them is the circle , the universal symbol of life, the universe and eternal things, and the four-cornered knot

✅Other benefits of the witch's knot

The union of these symbols allows the witch's knot to counteract the curses, evil eye or negative spells cast on the person who wears it.

Protection against malevolent witchcraft.

The central theft: Third eye or Snake Knot, the center of wisdom and the awakening of consciousness.

Protects in the four cardinal points.

Point out the 4 elements with the witch in the center protected.

✅Metaphysical properties of blue gold stone

  • Deflects negative energies and protects the body's energy centers.
  • Blue gold stone channels the solar plexus chakra
  • Calm the mind and improve your intuition and psychic awareness.

Product: a stainless steel chain with a witch's knot pendant and blue gold stone. Written information and a way to activate the witch's knot are included.

Chain length: approximately 9 inches

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