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White Flower Bath

White Flower Bath

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Description: Baths with white flowers are widely used to thank our spiritual painting. The spiritual painting feels calm and light through white flowers. In the same way, your body will make way to give more light through these baths to the clarity of your spiritual picture.

What is the Spiritual Chart?

The Spiritual Chart is the set of Spiritual Entities that accompany every person from their conception as a human being. Each of us has a Spiritual Chart assigned by God. The vital function of this Spiritual Chart that we receive at birth (No one on earth assigns it to us) is to lead us along the right and safe path, that is, to help us, guide us, inspire us with faith, strength, courage and protect us in our existence or pilgrimage In short, the Spiritual Chart is nothing more than a sample of God's love for us, by showing us that we are continually guided to continue along the path of good. From the spiritual planes they constantly pour fluids of faith, strength, courage and inspiration, healing, etc. onto their protected ones.

Weight: approximately 8 ounces

Additional Information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary. Includes instructions.

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