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Elephant amulet with horseshoe, Turkish eyes and bells

Elephant amulet with horseshoe, Turkish eyes and bells

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This amulet can be placed in the house, business, car or patio. You can hang it in front of entrances, doors or places where you understand that people come and go all the time. From time to time, as the amulet is going to collect charges or vibrations, it should be cleaned with the smoke of an incense, whether white sage, dragon blood, or let the sun or moon shine on it for a while.

Amulets are objects believed to have magical properties and can protect their wearer from bad luck and attract good luck. There are many cultures around the world that have developed specific amulets for different purposes.

Horseshoe amulet with eye and a small elephant, its meaning is the horseshoe is for your home, office or business to have good luck.

The eye is for bad vibes and finally the elephant for abundance in your home.

Together they will make your home a harmonious and peaceful place.

The Turkish eye is a protective amulet that comes in the form of a flat drop whose interior contains the shape of an eye. This bead is usually used to protect against bad energies, as well as the evil eye. This amulet is used because it is considered a protective element from evil influences. Superstitiously, magical properties are attributed to it that can protect us from malicious energies, as well as from envious people.

  • Evil Eye : Evil eye bead, known as protection in Turkish and Greek culture, protects you from bad energy. Evil eye beads produced from glass accumulate bad energy inside and are believed to break after a certain period of time.


The Horseshoe is considered an amulet to protect and attract good luck, although in ancient times it was used as a symbol of fertility and fortune. Horseshoes have been considered one of the oldest talismans in history; many cultures attribute them properties such as protecting their owner from their environment, dispelling doubts and even achieving wishes or attracting good luck. It is believed that hanging a horseshoe on the front door of a home will attract good luck and protect the family from bad luck.

If we put the horseshoe downwards, it means that it is a symbol of good fortune for all who pass under it.


The elephant is a common amulet in Asian culture. Elephants are believed to be symbols of good luck and wisdom. This animal symbolizes good luck, longevity, success and prosperity. In addition, it is important that the figure always has its trunk facing upwards, this will help attract good luck and benevolence.

  • This charm can protect you and bring luck. The elephant symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility, protection of the home.

Jingle Bells

In ancient times, rattles were used for ritual purposes, possibly in the belief that the noise warded off spirits and other entities. To begin with, we must clarify what the basic function of the bell is in esotericism. Bells are used for protection, so that evil spirits do not interfere. Nowadays, they have been integrated into life and it is not strange to find bracelets with a tiny bell in jewelry stores.

The bells serve to keep bad energies away, harmonizing the person who wears it with the environment and attracting good luck.

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