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Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

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Essential oils, in general, constitute 0.1 to 1% of the dry weight of the plant. They are liquids with poor solubility in water, soluble in alcohols and organic solvents. When they are fresh, at room temperature, they are colorless, since when they oxidize they resinify and take on a dark yellowish color (which is prevented by placing them in topaz-colored glass containers, completely filled and perfectly closed). Most oils are less dense than water (with exceptions such as cinnamon, sassafras and clove essential oils) and have a high refractive index.

Aromatic herbs and oils, including essential oils, have been an integral part of the spiritual practices of many religions and cultures throughout history.

Essential oils are a concentrated type of volatile oils, they generally have the characteristic aroma or flavor of the plant from which they are obtained and are mainly used to make perfumes, flavorings, and to give the desired energy to the ritual, mixing it with other spiritual oils.

The essential oils of different and powerful herbs are one of the largest and most varied ceremonial tools used in esoteric rituals around the world, since powers are hidden in their spiritual properties. Today, some people use essential oils to open the mind, enhance spiritual connections, and invite inspiration. They do this by inhaling an essential oil while meditating or by applying diluted essential oils to the body (i.e. the crown of the head, the base of the skull, or over the heart.

Furthermore, due to its powerful aroma it is used in cosmetics and is added to soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes that we often use.

The benefits of essential oils are great since a single drop of essential oil concentrates powerful qualities that can benefit your well-being. Its uses range from aromatherapy, personal beauty care, natural medicine treatments and home cleaning products, artisan products, cosmetic products, etc.

Description: Mentha Piperita.

Uses and benefits: Regulates oil production in the skin, therefore, it is excellent in cases of acne and cellulite. Deodorant. Eliminates odors naturally. refreshing Reduce hair loss. Given its strong and refreshing fragrance, it is very suitable for aromatizing the home in the most natural way. It is a good insect repellent. Lice repellent. Flavorizer and antiseptic. Decongestant, Stimulant. Analgesic. Anti-inflammatory, among others.

    • General safety information

      • It is very important to be sure of the botanical or scientific name of the essential oil.
      • Do not take oils internally.
      • Do not apply undiluted essential oils.
      • If you are pregnant, have epilepsy, liver damage, cancer, diabetes, or have any other medical condition, use essential oils only under the proper supervision of a qualified aromatherapy professional or your doctor.
      • Be very careful when using oils with children and be sure to read the recommended dilution ratios for children first. Even if the oil is listed as safe for children, every child is different, so oils should be used with caution.
      • In general, it is not recommended to start using it before the age of 2 years due to the high potency of essential oils. A dilution level of 1% or less is recommended for topical uses.
      • It is safest to consult a qualified aromatherapy professional before using oils with children, the elderly, or if you are taking medications.
      • Some essential oils are photosensitive so you should use them with caution, avoiding sun exposure after application. It is recommended to wait 12 hours before exposing yourself to the sun.
      • Does not use old and oxidized oils.
      • If you use oils for pets, you should also take due precautions regarding quantities and whether they are recommended for the pet. Never give your pets any essential oils to ingest.
    • Weight: approximately 15ml or 30ml

    • Ingredients : Mint

    • Additional information: Includes Precautions.
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