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Ratero Oil

Ratero Oil

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  • Description: Pickpocket oil is a combination of 5 essential oils with antiseptic properties. It is known as a natural alternative that can help against the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Weight: 10ml or 15ml or 30ml approximately

  • Ingredients: Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Oil

  • Additional information:Includes Precautions.
  • The Black Plague and the Secret of Racket Oil

    As the bubonic plague devastated Europe in 1413, several thieves were captured and accused of stealing from dead and dying victims. When the thieves were put on trial, the magistrate offered them leniency if they would reveal how they resisted by not contracting the infection while performing such horrific acts.

    They explained that they were perfumers and spice merchants and told of a special oil of aromatic herbs, which they rubbed on their hands, ears, and temples.

    The formula titled Burglar Oil was created based on research done on the formula used by thieves.

    In 1997, studies conducted at Weber State University demonstrated that it is 99.96% effective against airborne bacteria. Bacterial cultures were sprayed into an enclosed space, and the mixture was dispersed for an amount of time.

    After only 10 minutes of exposure, there was a reduction in
    • 82% in micrococcus luteus
    • 96% in aeruginosa pseudomonas
    • 44% in staphylococcus aureus
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