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Cat Amulet Bracelet (Good Luck)

Cat Amulet Bracelet (Good Luck)

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Description: Maneki Neko in Japanese means Lucky Cat or Attracting Cat, in China it would be known as Zhaocai Mao. Surely we have all seen it at some point, you don't have to go to its origins in China or Japan to see it, right here, in many establishments we can see them located near the store's cash register. But not only that, many are also adopting it to decorate their own homes or using it as an amulet. In this case, we bring it as a bracelet where you can take it everywhere. The bracelet that reflects both hands of the Maneki Neko is to attract abundance, fortune, protection, good friends and love to you.

Material: Stainless Steel, 2 in 1 bracelet

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