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Stones and Quartz

Stones and Quartz

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Stones and quartz are generally sold to lovers and collectors of them. Since many stones and quartz according to experts in the field have esoteric, spiritual, magical and mystical properties. Nowadays the use of stones and quartz is very common. There are therapies such as: gem therapy , the discipline that deals with studying the properties of precious stones and how they influence our lives, and crystal therapy or crystal therapy is a pseudoscientific technique within alternative medicine that uses stones. semiprecious stones and crystals. It is known that health conditions must be treated by specialist doctors, but there are many people who believe that stones and quartz can change their lives in the spiritual, esoteric and energetic balance aspects.

What do energy stones mean?
Energy stones are related to the chakras where the crossing of energy occurs in the body . Lithotherapy is a type of therapy in which natural minerals are used to restore balance between the body and mind. Stones, gems, crystals and others were formed thousands of years ago, some long before humans appeared on earth, and they have absorbed energies of all kinds, giving them properties.

✅The sale of stones and quartz in our store is aimed at their esoteric properties. For more information and data there are books and manuals that do not explain in more detail the properties of each stone and quartz; but you can also do more research on

Available. Quartz and stones

1. Chrysocolla stone- is capable of transmitting a state of peace and tranquility, emotional and mental relaxation to whoever wears it. This stone is of great help if you are going through a moment of emotional unrest, if there are many worries or something disturbs the peace, achieving the strengthening of emotional balance. Another virtue of this mineral is that it helps maintain loving relationships, improving communication, tolerance and understanding, in order to strengthen the bonds of respect and love between a relationship or marriage. Signs: Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus

2. Amethyst Druse - Exercises protective vibration at the auric level. Turn our negative thoughts into positive ones. Recommended for improvement and renewal. Signs: Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus. Esoterically it has great powers , it is a very relaxing stone , it gives balance, sincerity, purity and spirituality. It provides common sense, wisdom and creates harmony. Clarifies problem resolution. Helps in decision making and changes. It is perfect to serve as a base to cleanse and recharge our crystals by placing them on top throughout the night. The Amethyst block does not have to be very large, everything will depend on the size of the stones you have to clean.
3. Selenite - removes negative energies and cleanses the aura.
4. 7 chakras - balance the 7 chakras with each of them. Includes all 7 and a bag (the appearance of the bag may vary depending on availability)
5. Red Jasper - fairness and justice, improves responsibility, choice and compassion, used in mystical dreams can improve dream recall. 1 and 2 chakras, helps all areas of survival, helps control one's passions. Signs: Scorpio, Aries, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
6. Desert Jasper - calming, grounding energy, effective for those experiencing turbulence and uncertainty in life, represents emotional strength and protection, healing properties. Sign: Scorpio, Aries, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
7. Black tourmaline (we have several sizes of tourmalines from centimeters to inches, before purchasing make sure it is the size you want) - stability, protection, cancels the effects of electromagnetic fields, purifies the aura, promotes concentration and mental stability and emotional, protects against psychic attacks and connects you with the earth element. Sign: Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn
8. Milky or white quartz - quartz of wisdom, intuitive healing, spiritual activation, peace, calm and balance. Sign: pisces
9. Citrine - Energizing, re-balancing, creative thinking, mental clarity, chakras 1 and 6, brings joy and optimism, strengthens self-esteem. Sign: Scorpio, Leo
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The color, shape and weight of each stone or quartz varies since each piece is unique and particular. You may purchase the one in the photo or one similar but not exact.

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