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Bloodstone or Raw Blood Stone

Bloodstone or Raw Blood Stone

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How is Bloodstone formed?

Like most gemstones, Bloodstone was formed when hot molten rock, known as magma, rose to the Earth's surface crust and began to cool.

Description : Bloodstone or raw blood stone

  • Bloodstone is a type of dark green quartz with red spots. Its other name, heliotrope, comes from the Greek word for solstice. It is a popular crystal that is often used for strength, presence and courage. It is often used to increase courage, motivation and creative energy. It is also beneficial for endurance and physical strength. Additionally, blood stone can remove blockages that keep us stuck, which can help revitalize our energy and create a clear path forward. Virtues of the blood stone:

  1. Protection

  2. Courage and wisdom

  3. Anger management

  4. Improve confidence

  5. Increase prosperity

  6. Unlocks the root and heart chakra

  7. Improves blood circulation

  8. Aphrodisiac

  9. Improves the immune system

Bloodstone is an intense healing stone that is used to cleanse and re-align the lower chakras with the heart and is conducive to balancing the entire body to overcome any distress or anxiety associated with the realignment of these energies. This stone is particularly stimulating for the Base and Heart Chakras.

ZODIAC: Aries, Libra, Pisces
ELEMENT(s) : Earth
COLOR: Green with red or yellow spots

Bloodstone and the Chakras

Chakras are your body's energy centers, also known as Qi or Prana. There are seven Chakras throughout the body, each of which influences a particular physical, emotional or mental state and each has an associated color. The seven chakras are as follows: Crown linked to the color purple, Third Eye (indigo), Throat (blue), Heart (green), Solar Plexus (yellow), Sacral (orange) and Root (red).

They can be placed in your bag or pocket and used as a touchstone throughout the day. Hold crystals or place them on your lap while you meditate. Easiest of all, simply lie down with crystals on your body, aligned with the chakra points if possible.

What is the spiritual meaning of Bloodstone?

It was used in ancient Mesopotamia in divination rituals, Babylonian warriors carried Bloodstone amulets to war as it was believed they could stop a bleeding wound and athletes in ancient Greece and Rome used Bloodstone to increase their stamina during events. sports.

Bloodstone should be cleansed every few days if using it for a specific health or spiritual issue to keep it at its full potential. You can do this by running the stone under warm water and drying it in the sun for about an hour.

The more natural the water, the better so spring or rain water is perfect, but tap water will suffice. If the Bloodstone is only for general well-being, a cleanse every two weeks will be sufficient.

Measurement: 0.6 to 1.0 inches approximately

Each stone is unique so its size and shape varies.

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